27 July 2009

At last; clear waters...

visibility: around 50 feet and improving water temperature: around 80º, on the surface boiling
hardly any, just a little push
surface conditions:
flat calm with some swell at the beach

Since I've been fighting a dog and lost (the bully bit me in the bum, so no diving for me this week), I cannot give an update out of first hand. I tell you what I've been told by Pilu and it is promising! She's been diving a lot this week, has done all the work on her own and enjoyed it...

There is a good visibility of around 50 feet horizontal, that gives a beautiful view of the reef. It makes the diving easier, because from entering the water you can see bottom and tons of fish covering it.
The grouper are as usual abundantly everywhere and also the snapper and dog snapper are all over the place. With this visibility you don't have to search for them, they are there, everywhere, all around. Still some rays around, although they are going to leave now very soon. Thought they were gone already, for we didn't see them anymore for the last few weeks. The pork fish are schooling with the goat fish and some burrito grunt, to form a bit of a group, sized like the schools of snapper.
It's spring under water, going to summer and the 'spring-activity' can be seen all around. It even effects humans: coming all the way from Austria, Christian asked Melissa under water and she said yes. We say: congratulations and hope to see you again when or before you get married...
Anyway folks, get over here and get wet, it's beautiful out there! Don't forget video or photo cameras, it's that time again...
See you soon in Cabo Pulmo, when I'm diving again!

08 July 2009

It stays as it is, unfortunately...

visibility: still around 30 feet, kinda whitish,
water temperature: in between 75 and 77º F on depth, 80º at the surface,
currents: non to speak of
surface conditions: flat as a pancake, (no wind nor waves) in the morning; in the afternoon wind picks up a bit and the waves do too.

Because of the lack of currents the waters stay a bit cloudy; it doesn't wash clean, the visibility doesn't improve. Don't know if this is still an effect of the hurricane that past by two weeks ago, but it's a bit of a burden... We'll stay in touch...