29 September 2010

September: no hurricanes during hurricane month

  • visibility: 15-20 meters / 45-60 feet
  • water temperature: 25-28C / 75-82F
  • currents: none
  • surface conditions: wonderful! 
September has been a very good month for diving.
While everybody in Cabo Pulmo was getting ready to go to Mexico City (Cabo Pulmo had reached the finals in the national contest "Iniciativa México", and they had to be on television!), we were very busy diving, diving and diving some more.

And as usual, our divers became our friends: Curt and Kelly, from California, Walti from Argentina, Marta from Colombia, Fernando from Spain, and of course, our students: Memo, Alex, Ernesto and Cosijoopii from Monterrey, México. Also, Ernesto and Elodie, who are carrying out a very interesting project all around Mexico, finding out what the different dive locations have to offer, safety conditions and hyperbaric facilities available.
Mick (course director in Mulege) dived with us, chasing sharks, but, as always, if you're too eager they don't show themselves... sorry Mick!

Thank you all for all the fun we shared and congratulations to those who became certified divers. Of course, let´s not forget Memo, who became a Rescue Diver -and spent one whole week rescuing Ñoño over and over again!
September has been great, nice and warm weather; on land, without the enormous amounds of rain and very strong winds, but with bathtub warm and cristal clear waters, full of life...
Yeah, life's good.