26 November 2009

It's been a busy week!

visibility: a bit over 60 feet
water temperature: 79º F
currents: hardly any
surface conditions:
flat calm...

So, in the weekend of 13, 14 and 15 November, we had a club over from Mexico D.F. of 17 divers diving 3 dives a day for 3 days. The week days following we had every day at least two outings and the next weekend (22 and 23) another club from Mexico of 29 divers... We were busy, we are tired, but very happy we pulled it off. In a new center, with staff not even one month working together, without a hick up, smoothly and pleasantly; everybody happy. And the dives? Okay, some more photos to convince you too!!! Here we go...

Yellow tail snapper...

...a sea lion...

...some sea lions, sardines and divers...

...sea lions in love?...

...at the surface...

...and on depth!

Now, enjoyed that? Wouldn't you like to have your picture taken? As long as we are 'under construction' we throw in a photo of you diving, for free. This one is for Rocio...

13 November 2009

Photos tell the story a lot better...

visibility: still around 60 feet
water temperature: a comfortable 79º
currents: just a lazy push
surface conditions: wind and waves in the afternoons

Robust coral
Still the rays are around and the turtles and the sea lions and all the other inhabitants of our beautiful reef. This time not to many words, just let us show you how incredible the dives on the reef are now... Sit back, relax and awe!

Cow nose rays

Dog snapper and pork fish

Eagle ray

balloon fish

Yellow tail snapper and pork fish

As we said: sit back, relax and awe! Or even better: experience it yourself, while the water is still clear, warm and full, fuller, fullest, like an aquarium...

01 November 2009

Changing sites...

visibility: after a drop to 40 feet, back to 60
water temperature: dropped too, but is again at 79º
currents: a few days pretty strong, but also nice and mellow again
surface conditions: still some waves in the afternoon, good in the mornings

The last few months
we've been diving from Mario's Cabo Pulmo Divers. We're changing the site now to be able to see better to the needs of our divers. Not that Mario has a bad dive center, but we couldn't agree in the direction to go and that doesn't work out...
So here we are in the center of Cabo Pulmo Water sports, a brand new center, still not completely finished but already operative. If we're not diving, we are painting, plastering, plumbing and gardening.
It's a completely new center, with lots of potential: of course it's going to be a PADI dive center, holding full insurance, working with PADI certified instructors and dive masters. But it is also a center with top of the bill diving equipment and we're not only talking suits, regs and B,C.D.'s, but trust able oxygen and complete first aid kits on board of very nice pangas and in the center itself, with all staff trained in the use and administering of it.
SERVICE, yes, written in kapitals, not short dives of a few minutes and back fast, but dives of 45 to 50 minutes and at all the available dive sites, not just the closest.
Experienced captains, guides and instructors, good air, all PADI courses, beautiful water, great vibes; old fashioned diving as how it is meant to be.
Don't believe it is possible anymore in this world of hunting for profits and easy money or economic crisis? Better believe us and if you don't, come over and convince yourself... We'll chuck in a few photos, free of charge as long as we are 'under construction'!