Pilu & Henri

That's who we are; Pilu & Henri, both free-lance PADI-instructors.

Pilu is Spanish, dives since 1990 and works in the diving industry since 1995, and Henri is Dutch, diving since 1983 and working since 1992. 

We met in Ibiza (Spain), where we managed our own dive centers for twelve
years. In February 2007, we came over to Cabo Pulmo in Mexico, to work here
just for seven months...

After two years running a ‘fast track Cabo Pulmo dive center’, we’re now working from our little ‘boutique corner’. Since April 2009, we’re diving the way we like it, in small groups and with plenty of time for each of our guests. We have our little corner in a very safe, new, spacious and professional PADI dive center: Cabo Pulmo Watersports, with a great local team.  

Nobody knows the waters in the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park like we do: as your hosts and  guides, we take very good care of you, your safety, fun, relaxation and of the conservation of the reef and not only 'manana', but every single day.

Dive with us and you´ll dive with the most experienced and professional PADI guides on the reefs and with the best captains in the boat following our bubbles; with us you’ll avoid drops in the sand and tiring swims against the current. Diving with us is diving with ‘locals’: we know the reef like our pockets, every rock, every corner and all fish by (first and last) name; our captains grew up on the reef and have years of experience navigating these waters. 

Join us for some beautiful dives on the only live reef in the Sea of Cortez, a reef full of surprises; every day is different. Not always easy, but always spectacular. The reef is shallow, hiding lots of life; big and small fish in huge schools or solitary, from nudibranches to sharks, from puffer fish to enormous schools of manta rays.

See you soon in our wonderful, great, little paradise, in 'the aquarium of the world', as J.E. Cousteau described its beauty...

Pilu and Henri

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