30 September 2009

Don't like September, but love it...

visibility: of and on around 40 to 100 feet
water temperature: way too hot 86º
currents: slow and mellow
surface conditions: varying by the day

Ir's always the same with September, the hurricane month. A train of tropical storms and depressions, sometimes developing into a hurricane pass by. Sometimes very close, sometimes on a distance, but rarely without effecting the sea and the diving conditions.
One day we go out and are fighting wind and waves to dive in kinda low visibility and the next day the sea is flat calm, no wind nor currents but with an even lower vis. All predictions go wrong when you expect to get rough seas, because of a strong wind and it has not more than just a slight chop, with a visibility that allows you to see all sides of the reef and all life in all directions on top of it.
It's a gamble, this September month and sometimes you lose, and sometimes you win. Sometimes though, you hit the jackpot and it is beauty everywhere; a dream dive that only happens to you a few times in a lifetime... Don't like September, but have to love it...

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