16 June 2010

Worldchampionship football...

visibility: no water to be seen, totally green
water temperature: dropped dramatically to 64º!!!
currents: non what so ever, so it stays green
surface conditions: are good, warm, sunny, no wind...

And so we went home after just one dive. We don't have too much work, and that's good, for the conditions are below zero and far... The visibility has gone, we cannot even see the water around us and it is cold, freezing, no fun at all. The second dive we skipped, we went home, back to the dive center, to the television.
We're watching football. There's a lot going on. In the center we work with, of course, Mexicans, with Americans, French, Spanish and Dutch, and they are all part of the competition. We're watching the games life, staff and clients in a good ambiance. We're having fun, poor fish, they must be freezing their tales off...

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