10 July 2010

Germany is out! Holland and Spain play the finals...

visibility: still not good, maybe 15 feet
water temperature: a bit warmer, or less cold
currents: very mild, in the wrong direction
surface conditions: are good, nice and sunny...

The football games are  running to an end. Today Germany got the third place in a beautiful game against Uruguay. If tomorrow the finals are going to be the same quality, between two offensive playing teams, it's going to be a great game. 
The wind changed direction and speed, the current went in the same direction as the wind, so we had nothing more than just a slight chop, so we hoped to be lucky today. We went for a dive, that is, we were able to get wet. In still green and too cold waters we're finding our way from Chopitos (also known as Mermaid beach), but we didn't get to Las Casitas. The current pushed us in the opposite direction and deeper the temperature dropped a lot, so we returned to where we came from, with just enough visibility to find the way back, without running into rocks. No, not for us, so back in the boat, back to the beach and to the dive center. Maybe the day after tomorrow, after the finals. Tomorrow we have a party, for who ever wins, we Pilu and Henri, cannot loose, we are the new world champion, being it Spain (Pilu) or Holland (Henri)...

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