18 October 2010

Busy, busy busy...

visibility: has been what it is expected to be; over 20 meters / 60 feet.
water temperature: was nice and comfortable around 82º F.
currents: almost didn't exist, at the most a push, unfortunately in the wrong direction...
surface conditions: except for a day or two, three, four at the most, perfect flat calm.

only macro worked in Mulegé

This month time is flying, and then we realized all of-a-sudden, that we completely forgot about the blog. We're working okay, busy, but not too extremely much to not have time. Sure, we've been diving every day and we're still working on the center. The construction works are not yet finished, but it more and more looks like a professional dive center. Already some plants in the garden and all. We've been struggling a bit, this summer, but the end of the suffering seems close!
it's good resting after a hard day's work
Meanwhile Henri has been to Mulegé, a village somewhere in the north of the middle of the south of the peninsula, for his Staff Instructor Course. Thanks Mick, it's been a good one, though ruff-n-tough...
Mulegé is a beautiful place, clamped into an arroyo, green and lush. The diving is not bad either, but I personally (sorry Mick) prefer the Cabo Pulmo Reef a lot better. I've put up some photos of the diving 'up north', so you can judge for yourself.
So how was the diving here in Pulmo these last weeks? Not bad at all; the conditions great; the air and water temperature both were relatively mild, where we expected them to be extreme, after this warm winter. The hurricanes stayed all on a safe distance, so no damage done on land and hardly any disturbance in the sea; only a very few days that we had to put the boats on higher land and couldn't go out.
What was strange though, is that also the North Americans stayed on a distance. The 'trend' last months was having a lot of Europeans visiting us and that continued this month. Mainly Italian, but also a good number from Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland and even a number of Dutch; good for practicing our languages again! Another change since the last years, is that we are becoming popular in the Mexican market! Reason enough to continue with our plans: get everything done in English and Spanish... Starting with our own web site and also the site of the shop itself. Now it's time to get this blog in both languages too.
beautiful coast lines between Mulegé
and the Loreto mountains
So you check a bit and start shopping around and get a scare of what it all involves...Isn't it horrible, first everybody tells you, you need a web site, than in two languages and it still doesn't work. Nobody finds the site, so you're looking for solutions and get 'advise' on getting traffic, 589 different ways of internet marketing, search engine optimization stuff, back links, keywords and phrases and all that jam. The big scare are the prices charged, so we're diving into the internet, the moment we get dry... Do it yourself or go broke, was our first lesson. Well it wont keep us out of the water, but maybe off of the street. We'll keep you informed and if anyone out there has some suggestions, knowledge or time and interest in helping us out, just drop a line and we'll be eternally grateful and in your (limited) dept....
But now, first, let's go diving while it is still so very unbelievable beautiful out there on the reef...

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