19 June 2009

Fingers crossed...

visibility: still okay, a bit green...
currents: still nicely pushing
surface conditions: who knows, now good enough with a lot of swell, but...
water temperature:
cold on the bottom, nice in mid-water and warm on the surface

It kept well for some days, though the wind direction and currents changed. Normally these changes do not improve the diving conditions at all, but we're still doing okay; visibility stays up, but temperature dropped, and not just a bit. Thermoclines are everywhere making the diving very interesting but it also makes you shiver, every now and then!
A tropical depression, headed towards the coast of the mainland (direction Mazatlan). Not a threat for us, here in Baja California Sur, but it did influence a bit the sea; the temperature went down a bit (and quite some on the bottom, the vis suffered a bit but not too much, the waves are still long and don't give any problem...
With a bit of luck the tropical storm 'Andres', predicted to pass the south tip of the peninsula next Thursday, doesn't mess up our waters. With a bit of luck, the weather gods let us go out and dive: after the economic crisis, and the swine flu-holidays we want to get wet again.
We'll keep you posted... See you again in cyberspace!

Keep our fingers crossed,
Pilu & Henri

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