18 June 2009

It seems to be staying...

visibility: The visibility moves a bit between 50 and 100 feet; great...
Are very mild; lazy and nice 'arm chair diving'
surface conditions: The sea is behaving well and the wind is too. The sun regularly hides behind clouds.
water temperature:
The temperature varies between 73º on the bottom, with every now and than a 'cold-spot' of 70º, while at the surface it's a comfortable 80.

It seems to be staying in the bay, the nice and clear waters. When currents or wind direction change, normally the water conditions change with them, but already the waters stay promising and tempting turquoise.The temperature did drop but water stayed clear. In the years before the changing went with ups and downs (in temperature, visibility and currents), but this year we had so far only one drop and further just ups. Of course, it's not summer yet, but we believe we're not far away from it and we don't believe the super-cold, green and dark waters are going to be pushed back in again.
You know what this means; your equipment has to be prepared, serviced and packed! No, a 7 mm is not obligatory anymore, pack your 3 mm, or if your easily cold a 5 mm. Now, get the stuff in the car and get to Cabo Pulmo. The Sea of Cortez is inviting you...

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