12 January 2010

A gentle beginning of the year

visibility: gone up again from 20 to some 40 feet; great
water temperature: also going up from 70 to 72ºF !!
currents: the really nice kinda relaxed push you want... surface conditions: northern wind kicked in already !!

The conditions have been treating us okay! Where we thought to get a rough winter, kicking in with a lot of wind, cold water and low visibility, nature so far has been teasing us. It showed what it can be like, but gives some more time to enjoy the outdoors in good vis and temp. Happy New Year from nature and a big thank you from the guides (traditionally they are the 'wimps' only able to identify lukewarm water as freezing cold!) to nature for its mercy.
We had a nice week of diving; we saw the sharks coming in with the colder water in different dive sites, we've seen quite some turtle slowly swimming by and the day before yesterday, the cow nose rays got accompanied by the 'mobulas'. After some individuals, the first big schools of manta rays came into the bay to show off their jumping and flying skills. The whales are back to give birth to and nourish their calves, so the surface interval is again a parade of underwater life jumping into thin air...
And of course there were the divers, courses and snorkelers enjoying the park. They had a good time and great dives: thanks to all of them and Kayla, Deb and Rusty; congratulations with your Open Water Diver certifications and welcome to the miracles of the under water world.

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