19 January 2010

Dive Cabo Pulmo, Baja, Mexico: Where the desert meets the water

visibility: we're spoiled, the visibility has improved and is up to 35 feet and over...
water temperature:
the temperature stays relatively high at 70º
lately not too much, you have to swim your self
surface conditions:
In periods of wind with waves, better in the mornings.

The water conditions
stay surprisingly well, after all it's winter, January and thus normally wind, waves and green cold water. Nothing yet so far. Don't know what is happening, but the summer had warmer waters then normal and now the winter temperature seems to stay higher too, but by several degrees. In winters before we were already diving in 66º water, while now it's still between 70 and 72º; the water cannot decide. As long as it comes with clear visibility it is great. The diving in winter, with the enormous amounts of life and good vis and nice temps; great new years gift. Let's go diving while the conditions are still like autumn (or should we already consider it to be spring? Next stop summer....

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