08 February 2010

Still looks like spring...

visibility: is a wonderful 40 - 45 feet!
water temperature:
also surprising high at a 73º F
non, what so ever...
surface conditions:
no wind, no waves and a lot of sun

The conditions to go snorkeling
we're great, everything worked with us. So we took off to spot whales, and we did see several, playing, breaching and breathing. We went to see the big schools of big eyed jacks and we found them; a trillion of fish from bottom to surface in a fennel shape, impressive. We wanted to see sea lions and so we did. Lots in and out of the water; the calves playing and having fun too, like us! The mums watching closely for their safety...
Of course, the snorkeling trip also showed the amounts of fish; in the clear waters and the amounts of light they seemed closer and more colorful than ever... It's been a nice day on the water.
Hope to see you in the water too, while winter is staying a bit on a distance...

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