24 March 2010

We love "La Esperanza"!!!

Today it is very windy, but we managed to have two great dives. One of them, "El Bajo" is always beautiful, you cannot go wrong with that one. But with "La Esperanza" it´s more of a gamble. It is always darker than the other dive sites, visibility a bit lower, and you never know if the usual hunting game will be going on. Today, we gambled and won!
Just as we had reached the bottom and were adjusting buoyancy and so on, a huge school of creole fish came rushing by, like a river of fish. We waited to see what was at the tail of the group. It was a school of enormous almaco jacks (size: four to six feet!). They stayed around for the duration of the dive. And they were not the only hunters there today. We also saw some good size leopard groupers going after the damselfish, and dog snappers getting ready twenty feet above the reef to dive down into the cracks, hunting who knows what... No sharks today, but definitely cannot complain.

visibility: forty feet, 12 meters
water temperature: 70F, 22C
currents: not really
surface conditions: quite choppy

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