08 April 2010

Winter's gone already ???

visibility: over 50 feet, like in summer,
water temperature: over 74º, almost like summer,
currents: a severe push; 'armchair-diving',
surface conditions: hardly any wind or wave.

It is almost impossible, but it seems that winter is already over. The visibility is already some weeks great, over 40 feet, some days even reaching the 60's!
The reefs are full of life, the usual suspects; grouper, wrasse, snapper, big-eyed jacks, porkfish, goatfish and all in big schools. Sharks lunching under the jacks (and I didn't take the camara, grumpppffff) joined by some sea lions. Loads, but loads, like hundreds of dog snapper in mid water, above the thousants of yellow tail snapper. Several moray eels swimming freely between the grouper, gathering in the cracks to hide a bit from the current. And one lonely sting ray, laying in the sand, sharing the bit of algae with a humongous trigger fish. Cup coral is showing its full bright yellow colors, searching the current for plancton.
A dive with all these usual suspects, the ones you always see, nothing special, nothing outragious, but oh, so beautiful in the clear and warm water.
Yep, it sure feels like summer, or let's say spring, very early spring. Spring takes here normally something like 2 to 4 weeks and then summer kicks in with its great visibility, high water temperatures and currents. But 'normally' that would be from July on, sometimes a bit later or a bit earlier, but in April? Seems too early for winter to go...

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