13 May 2009

One month later...

We've managed the first month in 'our' new dive center; Cabo Pulmo Divers. A booming start as we didn't have any electricity, means of comunication, reservations or anything. We just had the support of almost all home owners and rental agencies in Cabo Pulmo and it showed. We've been going out every day, despite the world wide economic crisis, the mexican flu and the following boycott of Mexican tourism.
We hoped to be able to have time to write a web-page and to get it fast up-loaded, full of useful information and photos, lots of photos. But still, nothing really happening there because of the lack of time.
We hoped to have been able to create a little garden and some shades in front of the center, but we didn't manage more than half a shade and some plants.
We did get some electricity though, solar powered for there's lots of sun in the desert and we did get an internet satelite system up and running, so we are now able to communicate with the world. We use e-mail and Skype; telephone, both land lines and cell cover is still miles (literally) away.
We would like to thank everybody for 'making our lives difficult'; home owners and rentals for sending us their guests, divers for choosing to dive with us and the weather gods for all the sun, flat seas and lack of wind...

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