21 May 2009

What is happening here?

visibility: only 3 - 10 feet, depending on depth and site
water temperature: dropped dramatically too, on surface still 73ºF, on depth only 65º...
currents: hardly any
surface conditions: the air temperature is extremely high for May, the humidity too, you'd almost be longing for cold water... (but not that cold, please!).

Winter is on its return and summer is arriving. Well sure it is, but the transition from winter to summer is always at least 'challenging'.
Two years ago this happened in August, last year in July, so very early this year, in May, the water turned cold and green. This is a result of changes in the main currents in the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Water is pressed up from depth (under water canyons go down to 12.000 feet deep!) and is cold and green (algae).
In the transition time (as we know it from earlier years, a short 'spring' of around 2 - 4 weeks) water will become clear to turn green again and vice versa until it is clear to stay. When the clear waters comes in to stay, also the temperature is going to be up...
How about a visibility of 100 feet and a temperature of up to 84º? Niiiice, but for now, we still put on a 7 mm suit to keep from cold.
Ideal waters to spot big life though, we saw yesterday again a whale shark, a female of about 30 feet... Maybe she is going to stay around a bit, because of the grouper mating, producing a lot of food in their reproduction process.
No photos due to low visibility, sorry...

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