31 May 2009

So, it's really happening....

visibility: 30 - 45 feet
water teperature: 73 - 77ºF
currents: some days some, others none...
surface conditions: smooth seas and a slight breeze

Last week we had some Open Water Diver and a Rescue Diver courses going, so we were busy. Not so many ‘tanks’ or ‘outings’ (let’s call it ‘visible activity’), because there is also theory, tests and exams involved (indoor work). We’ve been reviewing, correcting and sending in the texts and photos for the new web page, so the writing for our (b)log has been a bit neglected!

Back, thus to a week ago when the waters turned green and cold on us. We are happy to inform you that the clarity and temperature have gone back to nicer levels, it’s not summer yet, but we’re on our way... The diving is spectacular; Saturday we did El Cantil and El Bajo. The amount of life is incredible; loads of and loads of (yellow tail and dog) snapper, the cabrilla mating, huge goliath grouper slowly, almost lazy passing bye. Moray eels are everywhere and there are still some rays and guitarfish, the burrito grunt and pork fish are coloring the water yellow and, close to shore a turtle minding his own business. How much luck, to be able to do your first dives in these waters... How distracting to have to interrupt a rescue exercise because of ending up in a school of sierra mackerel; breathtaking, with or without a non-breathing unconscious diver suffering the bends to be taken to the surface. What an underwater world we live in!

Now it’s waiting for the fun-divers again to go out. It seems the pork flu and the ‘don’t travel to Mexico’ warnings are letting in and there are again more people in the street. Let’s go diving again, the waters are tempting and inviting...

Steward, Jessy and Andy: congratulations with your Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver certification and Ronnie, in becoming a rescue diver.

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