22 August 2009

Murphy's law...

visibility: a wonderful 60 feet and over...
currents: changing by the day, from strong to very mild,
surface conditions: in the morning perfect, in the afternoon a bit of wind,
water temperature:
on the surface 87ยบ, on depth 83... a warm bath!

Is it Murphy's law or not. A gigantic Pacific Manta is swimming now in the bay of Cabo Pulmo for several days; slowly, relaxed, circling around and minding it's own business, not caring about the ecstasy of divers around her. A beautiful sight, enormously but gracious like a ballerina, maybe 10 feet wide, hundreds of pounds of muscle dancing through the clear water... and no camera around. Then several days in a row we went down with photo and video cameras and no sign of the creature, probably camera shy! Today Pilu went diving again with photo camera, no video and guess what, no sign of the manta... It's not fair and we hate Murphy, but what spectacular dives we had last few days and weeks. With or without the manta, there's life everywhere, up and down, in mid water, under rocks, around corners: there is always something moving and in this clear water it cannot hide...

The picture is not ours, we 'borrowed' it from: www.sheppardsoftware.com

Woooowwwww, life is beautiful!!!!

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