26 August 2009

Murphy is beaten...

visibility: a good 60 feet,
currents: mild currents, but running the wrong direction,
water temperature: over 83º on the bottom
surface conditions: smooth seas

At last Murphy has been beaten!!! Last week, when Pilu went diving she didn't see the manta ray, of course, because she had the camera with her. No manta, but what to think of this nice shark; not bad either, now isn't it...

Two days after it was Henri's turn and also he had the camera ready; next attack on Murphy!
First dive in Los Morros was great; full of life and in the north part, just next to the reef almost a dozen Goliath grouper, the old fashioned jew fish; huge fish!

Being able to get really close to them (touching distance) gave some nice photos.
Not so big, but in huge schools were the big eyed jacks, the yellow tail snapper and the cabrilla spread out over all the reef, making the visibility go down a lot.
In the second dive, El Bajo, we didn't see too much life in the beginning of it, but after reaching the 'fish market' we knew why we didn't see that much. It was all gathered here, a fish soup with all the kinds, sorts and sizes you can imagine... So we stayed there and didn't move from the spot, until we had to go up. The safety stops very often holds a surprise for you; a whale shark swimming by, the mobulas doing their thing. Today it was the Gigantic Pacific Manta slowly moving through the water, against the current.

Where yesterday I had to 'borrow' a photo, I can show you now what we saw. Width about 10 feet, depth around 20 feet, speed, too fast for me, but managed to get some nice shots, don't you agree?

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