04 August 2009

visibility: about 60 feet,
still a nice push, arm-chair-diving...
water temperature: at the surface 87º, at the bottom 82
surface conditions: almost flat calm, just some waves on the shore

This week we are having a family over doing their Open Water Diver courses and they are having a good time. Not only because of the good conditions, but also because they have the feeling to do their skills in an aquarium and their dives, well in a fish soup. It's true, the amount of life is huge now, still a lot of winter fish, but it's also the end of spring. Under water, that is, because on land it's already hot, hot, steaming hot for months. The water is simply beautiful, clear blue, embracingly warm and full of fish, ready for the summer to arrive.
On land the wet season started with some rain in the beginning of August, first rain since May (2008, that is!). Took the heat out and cleared up the air a lot, made breathing easier again. Hope the rain doesn't affect the water too much, because I can go diving again. My (dog bite) wounds are licked and healed. Yes, going down again, with camera...
Tomorrow they do their last 2 dives in the course, and we celebrate the arrival off one more family of 4 more divers in the community; welcome Susan, Rex, Geneva and Ian and congratulations...

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