09 December 2009

December is wonderfull...

visibility: still over 60 feet
water temperature:
still over 79ºF
varying from strong to mild, changing by the day
surface conditions:
normally good in the morning, some waves in the afternoon

So December starts
off very beautiful too, both above as under water. Summer seems to last into the winter; no temperature loss yet, no strong winds from the north yet, still good diving and snorkel conditions, but no guests either. Tourism still stays slow and low; looking on the bright side, it means we dive small groups and have to share the reef thus with only few divers...
Last week the first whales came in to give birth to their calves, earlier it were the cow nose rays that entered; who knows first signs of an approaching winter? With the life, the temps and visibility as it is this is hard to believe, but for sure, winter will come...

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