24 December 2009

happy Xmas everybody

visibility: dropping to about 30 feet
water temperature: also dropping, yesterday we had 73ºF
currents: with wind surfing conditions, you'll blow out of your bcd
surface conditions: with wind there's waves, but it's still good to go out comfortably

Oh yes, winter is coming.

Rudolph and his buddies are fighting the snow, while we are still nice and warm in shorts and t-shirt. At night maybe a sweater and longer trousers, 'cause the temperature goes under 75º. Temperature is dropping rapidly and also the vis is going shorter, but it is still nice to dive in reasonably warm and clear water; hey, it's December, on land it's winter...
So, another Mexican Christmas; one without too much suffering yet, no cold, dark waters, no snow or ice, not even that much wind... The quality of diving has been great too, with lots and lots of life; all year round, both in clear and in murky waters... We're doing great this year, weather-like that is.
A year that had a lot of changes
has past fast. A year where we left the Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort for Mario's Cabo Pulmo Divers. Later we went free-lancing for Mario and for a new shop in town: Cabo Pulmo Water Sports. We've been diving for fun (again) and were even able to make a living of it. A few times we've been on the verge of leaving this Paradise, where the desert meets the water. But every time, when the going got tough, somewhere another door opened and we walked in. In 2010 we might get our own door, but that's for the wishes and hopes for the new year's eve celebrations. We'll keep you informed, of course.
Now get to the Christmas roasts, the Christmas booze and Christmas presents and celebrate and enjoy, just, stay out of the snow or the wind...

Marry Xmas y'all who, ho, hoooo...

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